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Who Were Mack & Jack?

Mack and Jack were double cousins. Their mothers were sisters and their fathers were brothers. The boys were inseparable, from childhood and especially in adulthood.

Mack and Jack grew up in the family creamery business, selling and buying fresh cream, milk, eggs and butter in Chicago. When the family business closed in the 1960s, Jack and his young family moved to sunny California. Mack yearned for the country life. He moved his family to the beautiful glacial hills of southern Wisconsin, not far from where his ancestors had settled from Luxembourg. There, he had a working farm.

Several years later Mack and Jack reunited in business. This cocoa is one of their collaborations. It is still produced near the family farm in Wisconsin. My father was Mack and I am proud to offer you what I think is the best hot cocoa on the market.


Mack & Jack Family Photos (Please click on images for larger view.)

Mack & Jack

Mack & Jack as young boys on a family vacation


Mack & Jack's paternal grandparents on the family farm in Belgium, Wisconsin

Ernster family photo with Ray (Mack's father) and Harry(Jack's father) as young men, Harry on the left .

Kelly family photo with Gladys (Mack's mother) and Eleanor (Jack's mother), Gladys second from right, Eleanor second on left.

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